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Reveal Yourself

The Start Of Something

You start with a foundation. That foundation is you. Then layer you with clear vinyl and plastic to draw out attention to the details.

You are the details.

Introducing Estania!

She's a hot summer babe born in July, which makes her a Leo! You can catch her singing, painting, drawing, or writing when she's not modeling. But for now, we adore her immensely wearing our Clear Colored Vinyl Overall Dress!


Welcome To Our Store

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your clear vinyl desires with us!

Why Clear Vinyl?

Maybe it's the glossy sensation against our skin
or the sound it makes during movement.

We crave the look of clear vinyl fashion for its futuristic appeal and complete transparency. It's fun, it's wild and it's oh so sexy to wear!

Clear vinyl is here to stay and that's fine with us because we're totally in!

about us

Candy Is Dandy

Drinkable bras and candy with dolls make nights oh so interesting.

Want some candy?

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