How To Wear Clear Vinyl Clothing

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Clear Vinyl has been around since the 1930's (maybe even before that). It was mainly used for rainy weather, but during the 1960's, clear vinyl was reborn into the fashion industry for its futuristic appeal and is currently considered the hottest fabric to wear. Watch this cool video about clear vinyl fashion made in 1945.

Be Clear And Be True About You

You’ve seen clear vinyl before and probably said, "I would never wear that!" But before you write off wearing clear vinyl, think about what it says about you. It's letting the world see through to you. If you're 100% comfortable in your skin and you're not afraid to show it, then clear vinyl is for you. It doesn't mean you have to go all out and wear everything clear vinyl unless you want to!

Celebrities and people all over the world express their passions for transparency by putting together the most incredible combinations and variations of eye-popping clear vinyl fashions. Clear vinyl dominates fashion runways consistently, influencing many people around the world. You'll see them donning all sorts of futuristic designs and styles created with clear vinyl. Transparency in fashion has been around for decades and continues to fascinate future generations.


Getting Creative Is Easy!

Adding clear vinyl to your wardrobe makes it fashionable and creative. Think about the clothes you wear every day. Adding a clear vinyl belt to that is a smart and subtle way to turn that look into something fashionably trendy. Clear vinyl coats emphasize and reveal your knowledge of individualism. Wear one with 2 piece skirt sets, dresses, jeans, and large acrylic jewelry. Long clear vinyl skirts give off that runway look. Layer one over asymmetrical skirts or dresses with abstract patterns. So haute! Bikinis really come to life when paired up with a clear vinyl overall dress. It draws attention, is sprinkler friendly and camera ready!

Clear vinyl fashion is here to stay. So, get in on the excitement and go ROCK it!

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