Juicy Colors & Hot Summers Ahead!

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With summer right around the corner, you're probably wondering how to stay cool without ignoring the current fashion trends. It’s time to ditch the neutral hues and swap them out for juicier ones. One trend you should try this summer is neon brights. Neon is vibrant, fun and perfect for sunny days.

Eye-catching and flirtatious, fluorescent neon colors really pop! Choose from various spectrums like electric limes, blacklight lemons, glowing oranges, shocking pinks, or bioluminescent blues to make you stand out in a crowd. These colors highlight your sense of style and reveal your savvy traits in keeping up with the latest fashion trends.


How To Choose Neon Colors?

When choosing neon bright clothing, you need to be candid about yourself. Never opt for this or that color unless you feel it's a match. Whatever today’s trend may be, the color of your clothes becomes fashionable only when it suits you well. Always pick neon colors that emphasize your best features. You can create your own style and totally rock it!

You need to be open-minded and prepared to have fun with the experience of dabbling in bright colors. Try different hues in front of a mirror and compare each of the shades thoroughly. Once you feel comfortable in the colors you choose, you will be able to show off your trendy look with confidence. Remember, fashion is an expression and each individual is amazing and beautiful exactly the way they are. Fashion does not discriminate.

Other tips that will help you keep up with the trend are as follows:

• Choose the neon shade that you love most and goes well with your skin and hair color.
• Neon colors are bold and eye-catching and they tend to make you look larger than you are. If you have a pear-shaped figure, you should wear neon tops in any configuration. For apple-shaped frames, you should wear neon-colored bottoms in any style you choose. If you have a body shape with curves and slim legs, you should wear neon colors on both tops and bottoms.
• Wear neon colors with neutrals to change things up. A neon shirt, for instance, may look very stylish when combined with some sexy skinny jeans. Or simple accessories like a neon belt and matching purse can always be added to really make your look fashionably trendy.
• Remember that neon colors will make you stand out, so only wear it if you want the adorations and attentions of others.
• Select accessories that will accentuate your sense of style and really brighten things up.
• If you’re unsure about neon colors, but intrigued, try subtle neon accessories first before purchasing several pieces. A neon belt, clutch, or your favorite nail polish in a neon color can help you decide. When you're ready to rock neons, get out there and glam it up!

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