Passion Through Your Fashion

Posted by Angelena R Cassady on

We're comfortable in our clothes and wear the same casual styles everyday. It seems like we only go all out when there's an event of some sort. Day by day, it's the same thing: Pants, tops, coats, and shoes. Nothing fancy and mostly neutral.

A simple addition could change all that. One single piece of fashion magic makes all the difference and puts a big spark back into your look. Our Clear Belt, for instance, brings clarity to neutral colors and our Clear Hooded Coat is perfect for any season, bringing a trendy and ultra-stylish look to your everyday wear.

Clear vinyl fashion is seen everywhere from runways to celebrities and it's desirable amongst most fashionistas worldwide. It's a clear indication that it takes precedence over casual clothing.

If you feel like you're just another person in the crowd, wear clothes that get you noticed because life is about expression. So be BOLD and live with passion through your fashion!

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