REVEALED: The Immortal Clear Vinyl Fashion Shocking Truth

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To bold individuals who want to put their daring nature on public display, clear vinyl fashion is the way. Rush on over to our shop to see what we mean!

How it all began...
One day we woke up with an idea that was downright BOLD. We envisioned people expressing their individuality through fashion because what we wear has always been a part of our identity. It makes sense for one to dress as they wish, regardless of what other people think.
This idea stayed on our minds continually, until it was put into action. And just like that, our story began. It has been an electrifying experience ever since.

Clear Vinyl Fashion is Sexy
Most of us have a wild or daring side. Individuals who wear clear vinyl clothing not only recognizes that but also embraces it. If you're not afraid to shock or thrill all your viewers with your fashion choices, then you'll find your fashion style home here at Clear About This.
For example, our Clear Mini Skirt looks out of this world and may remind you of a sci-fi futuristic scene in a movie. You can wear it over bikinis, stretchy and colorful mini skirts, leggings, or alone for a real shocker!
Clear vinyl is also very easy to care for:
1. Got caught in a food fight? No problem. Just wash it all off with a soft cloth and mild detergent then rinse with water. Voila!
2. It's totally waterproof, so jump in those puddles, slip down that slide, and dive into those pools!
Your wardrobe won't be complete without a Clear Hooded Coat or Clear Colored Overall Dress to go with the aforementioned.

The Clear Vinyl Fashion in days of yore
We wear clothes made of cotton, wool, silk, denim, and even leather. Why not plastic? It certainly didn't sound weird to fashion designers like André Courrèges, one of the famous vinyl fashion pioneers.
One can trace the origins of clear vinyl fashion to the outrageous era of the Swinging Sixties, which was sometimes erroneously referred to as the Space Age when in reality, it was the age of when all hell broke loose. Things like The Space Race, the war in Vietnam, The Beatles, Woodstock, Martin Luther King Jr., and JFK were all a part of the 60's. It was the height of the counterculture and individual freedom.
Clear vinyl survived all that and became a fashion designer's fabric. The rest is history.

Wearing Clear Vinyl Responsibly
Wearing plastic in the past was appreciated by the counterculture crowd but not so much for the public.
Many believe that the production of plastic is of high concern for the environment, and that vinyl is a by-product of plastic which is also harmful to sea life.
Clear About This is very conscientious about our environment. We encourage you to be mindful of the planet and sea life by disposing of your plastics responsibly.

Plastic is constantly used for important and necessary things. Hospitals use it for almost everything, including babies at birth. We believe that plastic itself is not a problem. It is the individuals who do not dispose of the plastic properly. Through knowledge and guidance, one may learn to understand the severity of plastic pollution and the impact it has on planet earth.

Release the rebel in you with clear vinyl!
We're bold and unabashed. Are you? Then get clearly outrageous in a pair of Clear Jeans or be runway savvy in our Clear Long Skirt. We hold nothing back! That's why most of our customers like what we do. We help them fight societal stagnation and break free from the mold. It's great to be weird, strange, bold, queer, nerdy, outcast, and you!

Lastly, if you love shoes, come check out our Clear Glossy Boot and if you're fearless and unstoppable, get yourself a Fearless Babe Bikini.

Fortunately, the clear vinyl fashion trend is here to stay and It'll continue to resurface throughout the 3rd millennium and well beyond. Cheers to that!

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